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Investing with our Company....
Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 5:35 PM
REAL ESTATE PRIVATE MONEY INVESTING offers you the opportunity to control your interests
through secured real estate investments with returns from 8% to 12% - three to five
times faster than traditional market rates. Smart investors have been utilizing
this investment opportunity for years and entire companies have been built around
this strategy.

Full Funding
Your investment funds 75% of the ARV (After Repair Value) for a project and records
you as first lien holder with county clerk's office. Minimum investment

Partial Funding
Secures a smaller amount of funds needed (typically for repairs) for a project and
puts the investor in the second lien position.
Minimum investment - $20,000.

Joint Funding
Smaller investments can be combined to fully fund a project typically inside an
LLC that owns the asset. This is a popular model with newer investors.

Transitional Funding
Unique method of funding for more seasoned investors. Funds are used for 1 - 5 days
and investors are paid in points (% of funds) rather than as an interest rate.

Angel Investor
A simpler, long term investment for those looking for a consistent return on their
investments. Angel Investor funds are used on numerous projects and are secured
by a promissory note.
Minimum investment - $100,000, for one full year.

Referral Program
We offer a popular referral program that pays a referral fee of 1% to anyone who
connects us with a private money investor and the fee is paid each time the investor
funds a project.____________________

Source of funds for private lending can come from savings, retirement accounts,
brokerage accounts, life insurance policies, home equity loans and personal accounts.

Real estate private money investing is a widely accepted use for IRA accounts and
past employers' 401ks. Most people do not realize they can make private money mortgages
with their existing retirement accounts and double or even triple their growth through
consistent 10% - 12% returns. Think of the compounding power of investing your
funds at high interest rates with returns that are Tax free or Tax Deferred!

In order to use your retirement accounts for private money lending, the account
must be administered by a third party custodian. We can recommend several well known
custodians we frequently work with and with whom we hold our own personal accounts._____________________
Don't Have Money
but know someone who does?
Earn a 1% referral fee for anyone you refer to us each time the referral invests
with us.

What is Private Investing?
Private money investing is a way to earn higher returns by investing with real estate
professionals in interests secured by real property. Our investors are silent money
partners, usually taking the first or second lien position which legally protects
their interest by securing their investment with the asset itself. Fix-It Chix LLC strives to
build strong, confident relationships with our private money investors by providing secure,
attractive investment opportunities. We are able to leverage quick access to funding by
offering above average rates of return with secured investments.